Set up (in Order)

1. POLAND (controlled by Germany)


Special note: All polish controlled hexes adjacent to the partition line must contain ether a Polish land unit or be in polish ZOC.

Place on production chart:
Nov/Dec -
Polish INF(1939)

Place on map:
In Poland (West of partition line)
- HQ "Rydz-Smigly", 5 Polish INF, Polish CAV, 2 Polish MIL, 1 Polish DIV, all polish AC up to and including 1940, 4 pilots



Special note: All soviet controlled hexes in Polish ZOC must contain either a Russian unit or be in Russian ZOC.

Place on production chart
- ARM, SUB(1940)(fu), INF, Spanish Republic INF, Chinese Communist INF.
Jan/Feb - Factory, Ship "S Byelorussiya" Face up, Carrier Plane (1942),  1 Pilot
Mar/Apr - Factory, "3" factor Fort, CV "Stalin" Face up, Carrier Plane (1943).
May/Jun - Synth oil,
Construction Pool - Any navel units with a printet date of 1939 if not placed elsewhere by this setup.

Place on map
Moscow -
USSR (Pacific) - and/or Manchuria - Ship "S.Ukrania", SUB, HQ-A "Rokossovsky"(1942), 2 INF, CAV, Mechanised, Motorised, 2 Chinese Communist INF (Both white paint, one from 1941), HQ "Mao".
USSR (Asia ) -  HQ "Konov",  INF.
USSR (Europa) - CAV, HQ-A "Zhukov", 2 INF, MTN, PARA(1941)
Poland (East of Partition Line) - 2 ARM, 4 INF, 3 Siberian INF, 2 Mechanised, 2 Motorised,  HQ "Timoskenho", Mtn Div, 1 CAV, Ski Div, 3 Art "2-2,3-2,4-2(1940)", A-T "1-3",  3 AA "1-3,2-3,3-2(1940)".
In any Capsian Sea port - 3 Conv Points, Ship " Kronstadt"
InPersia - MAR (1941), PARA
In  Republican Spain - HQ "Azana", INF (must be white paint), Garrision, 3 MIL, AC (Inc pilot) Ship "Canarian, TRS, Div  (All units Spanish Republic) 1 Mexican INF
In Mexico - Mexican CAV, Mexican HQ "Cardanas"
Anywhere in russian controlled hexes - MTN(1942), Mar Div, INF Div, CAV Div, Mot Div, INF, 2 Garrison, Engineer Div, 2 "3" factor forts, Supply Point, 1 Conv Point, All Ships up to and including 1938, All SUBs( except one in the pacific), Amph, TRS, and AC units up to and including 1939 + P-40c(1940), 1 Carrier plane (1941), CV " Lenin". 9 Pilots.
Place after German set up - partisan in Spain and China. May not be placed in enemy ZOC.

Goverment in exile units - Complete Communist Chinese forcepool
Spanish Republican units - Complete forcepool
Offensive Chits - 1

3. USA


Special Note: US ships in the Philippines  count as ships in Pearl Harbor for purposes of US-entry and US declaration of War against Japan.

Place on production chart
Construction Chart - CVs "Hornet, Wasp" BBs"Massachustts, Indiana"

Place on map
in Philippines
-  INF,  HQ "Machur", 2SUBs  Ships "Saratoga, Lexington, Ranger, Wyoning, Arkansas, Texas, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pensacola, Northampton, Chester, Augusta" Chicago, Louisville", supply point.
In  Honolulu - Ships "Yorktown, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Missisipi, New Mexico, Houston, Indinapolis, Portland, New Orleans", "4"factor INF, SUB,
In USA - 2 INF, Motorized, ARM, HQ "Nimitz", 2 Art "3-4, 2-4", INF Div
 (May not move while US is neutral)
Anywhere - Ships " Enterprise, Langly, Idaho, Tennessee, California, Maryland, Colorado, San Francisco, 9 Pilots, All AC (except if in Lend-Lease Pool) up to and including 1939, 2 SUBs, Amph, 3 TRS, 30 convoy points. All Carrier Planes up to and including 1939.( Every Carrier must maintain a plane with pilot while US is neutral)

In lend-lease pool - P-40c(1940), + any given to CW. The US player may decide how many if any planes to lend-lease. Possibly : A-22(1939), F2A(1939), P-40(1939), C-47(1938), DB-7(1939),



Place on production chart
- INF(1940), AA "3-2", Pilot, Garrision
Jan/Feb -  ARM, Pilot
Mar/Arp - ATR "Farman F221", "2" factor Fort
Costruction pool - All ships dated 1939

Place on map
French Indo China - Territorial, INF,
Syria - Territorial, MAR (1940)
French North Africa - HQ "Georges", INF, Motorized,  3 Territorials, Art "2-2", Mil, 2 Territorial (Senegal, Mid. Congo)
Algeria - 1 Factory(blue) - those colonists are more French then the French.
French West Africa - 2 Territorials
French Equatorial Africa - Territorial
France - 3 INF, MTN, 2 Motorized, CAV, INF Div CAV Div, 2 Art "3-2, 4-2", A-T "1-3, 2-3", "3" factor Fort, HQ "Billotte", 5 Pilots (1 must start on carrier), all ships up to and including 1938 + CV "St.Cyr", SUBs, Amph, AC's and TRS up to and including 1939, all Carrier Planes up to 1939 + SBD-3, 10 Conv Points.



Special Note: Navel units that set up in Singapore may not move until CW  is at war with Japan.

Place on Production chart
Construction Pool - All ships dated 1939.
Nov/Dec - 5Pilots, Canadian Motorized, Garrision
Jan/Feb - Pilot, Synth Oil, Factory
Mar/Apr - "3" factor Fort.

Place on map
United kingdom and/Or Gibaraltar
- ARM, Canadian Garrision(1940), 2 INF, 3 Motorized, MAR( 1941),  CAV, Mech,   AA "2-4"
Egypt - Mech, South African INF, Indian INF, 2 Territorials.
Malta - Div
India -  Indian INF, Indian Motorized, Indian HQ "Mountbatten"(1942) Chinese Nationalist HQ"Chang", 2 Chinese Nationalist CAV, 3 Territorials.
Australia - Territorial
Singapore - Territorial (Burma)
France (Along French-German Border) - "8" Factor  Motorized INF(1943), ARM Div (1940)
Manchester - "3" factor Fort
Anywhere (25% of navel units ex. conv points must set up in United Kingdom,  25% must set up in Singapore)  - 81 Conv Points, All Ships up to and including 1938, all Carrier Planes, AC's (inc any lend-lease given by the US)  SUBs, Amph, and TRS up to and including 1939. 8 Pilots.(3 must set up on CVs), 2 HQs "Wavell, Gort", Art "2-4"

Allied minor units - 3 Chinese Nationalist INF in forcepool in addition to units on map.

Offensive Chits - 1 (may only be used by a HQ in the United Kingdom while enemy land units are in the United Kingdom)


Place on Production chart
Construction Pool
- All ships with a printet year of 1939.
Nov/Dec - PARA(1940), Pilot,  Spanish Nationalist INF.

Place on map
Any hexes controlled by Italy, Germany or Nationalist Spain
- All Territorials, 3 INF, ARM(1941) Motorised,  Mechanised, 2 Garrision, MAR, MTN, HQ-A "Graziani", 6 Pilots, All AC up to and including 1939 + Ju88A1(1940),  Mar Div, INF Div, CAV Div, AT "1-3", 2 ART "2-2, 3-3", AA "2-2", all Ships Up to and including 1938, all SUBs, TRS, and Amps up to and including 1939, 7 convoy points.
In Italien controlled hexes in Ethiopia - HQ "Badoglio"
In Nationalist Spain - (max 1 land unit may set up outside mainland Spain) HQ "Franco", 2 Spanish INF, Spanish ARM(1942), 2 Spanish MIL, 1 Spanish Mechanised, Spanish INF Div, All Spanish AC (not inc pilots), 1 Spanish TRS, Ships "Libertas, Espana"

Offensive Chits - 1



Place on Production Chart
Construction Pool
- All Ships date 1939.
Nov/Dec - INF(1940), Art "4-2(1940)
Jan/Feb - Pilot,  Ki-48(1942)

Place on map
-  7 INF, 1 Siamese INF, 2 ARM, 2 MAR (inc Imp. Gd), 2 MIL Motorized, PARA(1941), MTN, CAV, Mech,  3 HQ " Yamashita(1941), Umezu,  Yamamoto", Territorial, 2 Div, Para Div, Mtn Div, Mar Div, 2 Art "2-3, 3-2", AA "2-2", 3 Garrision, Engineer Div, Supply Point, All ACs, Carrier Planes, SUBs, TRS, and Amph up to and including 1939+ All Ships up to and including 1938. 30 Conv Points. 15 Pilots.

Forcepool Additions
- When Japan Counquer (or is that liberate?) Manchuria
: All Manchuria Territorials.

Offensive Chits - 3



Special note: German units may set up in Poland (outside Russian ZOC) provided Germany declare war on Russia in her first impulse.

Place on producion chart
Construction Pool
- All Ships dated 1939
Nov/Dec - 2 INF, "3" Factor Fort, AC Ba349(1945), 2 Pilots, cost 3 LND(1940)
Jan/Feb - Pilot, ARM(1940), "3" Factor Fort

Place on map
In German/Italien controlled hexes or Nationalist mainland Spain
.- Supply Point, 3 MIL, 4 ARM, 7 INF, 4 MIL, HQ "v. Leeb" HQ-A " Rundsted, Rommel (1940)", 2 PARA (one from 1941), Para Div, 2 MTN, CAV, Mar Div, 2 INF Div, 2 Arm Div, 3 Art "2-3,3-3,4-2", 2 AT "1-3,2-3", TD "2-6", 2 AA "1-3,3-4", 6 Motorized, 5 Mechanized, 3 Garrison, MAR (1940), "2" factor Fort, 2 Engineer Div(1940), Synth Oil, All NAVs (  2 FW 2000c, Ju 188, 2 Do-217), all ACs,  SUBs, Amph and TRS up to and including 1939. 6 Conv Points. All Ships Up to and including 1938 + "Clausewitz, Bevan, Zeiten"". All carrier planes up to and including 1942, 17 Pilots (1 must start on Carrier)
In Argentina - CA'Graf Spee', Argentinean CAV, Argentinean INF, Argentinean HQ "Peron",
all Argentinean ships, 3 Conv points
In Central Atlantic/Mouth of the Amazon - TRS, INF'Amerika legion'

Lend Lease Pool - JU88A1(1940)

Offensive Chits - 3


By now it is obvious to me that you don't have a life either. Have you checked out our optional R&D rules? You have. Well, don't worry I'm not through wasting your time just yet. There is still some players notes and an replay of our latest game. And of course an overview of the counters I've made (well most of them stolen actually) for this scenario.

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