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The safest bet is properly to attack Russia on your first impulse. You get to set up in Poland, half the world joins you in your anti-Bolshevik crusade, you're are guaranteed clear weather in your first turn and if you and Japan leave the Western powers alone the US won't enter the war for a while.

The combination of Surprise/Chit combined with a forward Russian set-up should allow you to encircle and destroy most of the Russian armed forces in the 1939. With follow-up provided by  your extra SS reinforcements, Japanese pressure in the far east, invasions in the Black sea and a drive on Baku with the Turks, odds are you'll capture all of European Russia with this strategy.

Mind you, this won't necessarily win you the war.

Partisans in Russia will be hell, especially with the partisan rules in this Scenario. It properly isn't worth it to advance into Siberia as this will dramatically increase Russian production. (With land units 2 BP cheaper lots of units will be free for the Russian player to build.)  And with the new French counters those frog-eaters will be a real problem later. Still, it's not a bad strategy.

Then there is the traditional thinking: Knock out France and turn around to deal with Russia afterwards. Taking out France should be easy. You can set up forces in Spain and invade from the North Sea combined with armed air landings. Is it worth the cost? If you don't DoW Czechoslovakia in 1939 Russia will properly align her first thing in 1940. You're abandoning Poland to her fate and losing the sympathy of  minors that would have joined you against Stalin. Besides, don't forget Russia can declare war on you at any time. This will increase your PM by 0.25 but that gain is at least partially offset by the fact that you'll never get the bonus for having declared war against all allied powers. On top of this is the fact that both Russia and the Commonwealth will get their economics on war footing a lot faster if you take out France (+0.25 PM bonuses). An increase in production often considerable greater the France's own output if you leave her alone. Even a brief delay in attacking Russia strengthens her considerably and might well destroy any hopes you have of hurting her seriously. Even a limited attack to conquer France and take Gibraltar will increase US-entry dramatically, almost assuring the entry in mid to late 1940. On the other hand you gain control of the European continent, remove most of the French force pool, capture a lot of war material (French non-INF units on production chart) and cause the allies grievous initial loss. Is it worth it? Maybe, in any case I find it at bit unimaginative.

Then there is the variant for true megalomaniacs: Attack everybody!! The emphases her is on conquering the United Kingdom in a hurry. Your start off with ports strikes  from your impressive arsenal of both CV's NAV's on the British/French navies. With the Italian/German fleets set-up in Kiel, Hamburg and Spanish ports you easily lands more the 10 corps in UK during the very first impulse of the Game. With any luck driving allied ships from ports to their destruction or capture in the process. With Gibraltar automatically out of supply the rock falls practically without a fight and you may want to set up a few German units in Libya to size Suez. With luck half the British fleet is sunk or damaged and most of the French captured at the end of turn one, ether in port or during the conquest phase. As you are a true Hitler you don't care about US-entry and will have declared the dissolution of the international order allowing Japanese troops to land troops in the Americas to take the Panama alongside your 'America Legion'. Even while wiping out Allied navel forces in the Pacific they should be able to spare two or three transports and corps for the job. On turn two you then use your reserves to assist Poland and take out Czechoslovakia. Did I forget to mention you might as well declare war on Russia now insted of wating for them to do it?

Off course all this this will make US-entry skyrocket. But you don't care because US can't declare war on you in 1939 and you'll be attacking her by Nov/Dec 39 anyway. You want to declare war on the US so as to gain the production benefit of having declared war on all allied powers (Do you want total war? speech in reichtag). Besides, from bases in Spain the Italian/German fleet will be able to use their surprise to conduct a second Pearl Harbor on the US East coast. Just imagine the front page of 'Der Sturmer' with stuckas over New York and the statue of liberty. Hell, you may want to sail a long range NAV to Mexico to permanently threaten US ports and even andvance into the US itself if her set-up is incautious. Come to think of it, Mexico may be the perfect place to use your supply point with HQ 'Franco' as it is the place most likely to be cut out of supply. There is a small problem with US production here but at least allied navel power will be broken for a long time and you plan to dominate the world long before it can be rebuild, right? No, the real headache is the Russian. With an enormous production and no significant early losses Stalin will run amok. What can I say? Exciting. I warmly recommend it.

There are other options. How about a limited attack on Russia to conquer - sorry liberate -The Ukraine and save Poland. This will significantly reduce Russian production and isolate Czechoslovakia. Once this has been achieved next objective is Paris before going for London or Moscow.

Alternatively you may just use 1939 to smash minors, taking out Greece, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Aligning lots of minors and pre-positioning your forces for your spring 1940 offensive. US entry considerations may well prevent the allies from declaring war on you.

Whatever you do remember this: You can not fail. You have a historic vision and if the German people are not worthy if it they deserve their fate. Allow my to end with this quote from 'Tomorrow the World' a game about the world after the inevitable victory of the Axis: "You may eliminate your own population if you feel it serves your ultimate destiny to do so". I think that nicely sums up what kind of world you are trying to make.




The Bolshevik scourge attempt to subjugate the heroic Spanish nation. Fortunately your brave volunteers (possibly beside a German or two) came to the rescue. Spanish factories produce for you. Make sure you end the Spanish civil war in a hurry. Don't forget that your forces may set up in Germany and/or Spain.

Italian play is closely tied to Germany - perhaps even more so here the usual. You'll have the most fun if Germany goes for the Commonwealth. You'll be able to stab France in the back from Spain and land forces in CW from the Italian main navel base in Hamburg. Remember to damage as many French ships as you can before conquest.  Don't forget to align Brazil as this increases your production. Once you (with a bit of German help) have dealt with UK and FR you may want to coordinate your efforts with Japan vis a vis South Africa and India.

If Germany concentrate on destroying Russia you'll have a lot less fun (if plenty of excitement). Perhaps the safest place for your fleet is the Black Sea assisting the German offensive in the south, it is pretty much the only place the allies won't be able to use a surprise attack to port strike it.




The Imperial forces have just liberated the Chinese from themselves, but this doesn't mean that you should rest on your laurels. I recommend war from day one, the only question against whom.

The Russian control of Manchuria is a dagger pointed at your heart. If the Germans goes for Russia then by all means join them. You should properly settle for sizing the coastal regions and not proceed with a major offensive into Siberia. Chinese communist behind your lines can be a real pain in the a..... You might even consider peace with Russia when you've gotten what you want.

If the European Axis goes all-out for the CW (thus making US-Entry almost irrelevant) you might seriously consider declaring war on the US right away. Invade Pearl Harbor!!!! If you use 5 Intelligence points combined with +1 for surprise you'll have 100% chance of taking it. Start off with a port strike so as to massively increase your chances of capturing US-ships in port. Manila is well within range of land-based air power so you can commit most of your CV fleet against Pearl Habor. Any ships somehow managing to struggle out of port should be intercepted and ruthlessly destroyed. You can afford to leave Singapore alone for now: If the CW attack you your PM is increased and if they don't you can deal with them on turn two. Don't forget to reinforce Latin America  as a springboard to Panama and the Atlantic. As you will practically have eliminated US navel power on turn one you'll be in an ideal position to start ripping the British Pacific Empire apart.

Only problem is how to deal with the huge US production later but, hell, you wouldn't want things to be to easy. Would you?



Don't forget to guard against the countless minors just waiting to stab you in the back. Look forward to turning them into puppet states during the cold war. If the Turks cut off your oil in 1939 you're basically fucked. Don't let them!!!

You can be certain the those vultures the Japanese will join the Fascist invaders. Make the most of Mao's communists. You'll be amazed how much damage a few corps and partisans can do. Remember Chinese communists are always in supply in China and may arrive as reinforcement in cities occupied by partisans. If the Japanese march to far into Siberia they may find that China has liberated herself behind their back. That being said if Japan wants a non-aggression pact then by all means give it to her. You'll be able to deal with her when you are ready anyway.

Those traitors the Ukrainens will no doubt rebel at the first opportunity. Class enemys - just because you staved a couple of millions of them to death. Moving the Ukrainen factories has a high priority. Considere placing a fort in front of Kiev to delay its fall.

The Spanish freedom fighters aren't nessarly as dead as the look. The Weasten powers may decide it is as good a place any for them to fight. Don't forget that liberated Spanish factories add to your production - make sure your so called allies liberate them.

 Then there is always the possibility that Germany goes West. Look happy! Even if he mealy wants to wipe out France to attack you in the spring of 1940 your position just dramatically improved. Your production increases, you get to set up your forces properly, he loses some really good minors and with any luck you'll take out Poland before he can attack you. Align Czechoslovakia first chance you get if he doesn't take them out in 1939. It is well worth the US-Entry and they are a great help in smashing Poland. You may miss the French front but with the US in the war early you can get some direct support. Remember you can Co-Operate with the US, a fact that may prove especially useful in the pacific.

If Germany goes all-out for UK you should anything you can to aid her. A good way to do so is attacking German minors and using the territory gained to activate allied minors. Once you've joined up with Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Greece Germany is in serious trouble.

Lots of luck - you'll need it.



First priority is finding out who deployed your forces and put them in charge of the border defense against Canada. There is a real risk of a pearl Harbor times 10 in turn one and there is nothing you can do about it. If you're not attacked right away you should get your fleet away from the exposed harbors in the pacific. If your opponents are not cooperative enough to let you do that you can pretty much write off your fleet and start building a new. The good news is that you'll have plenty of time to do so with a game that goes into 1946.  The US position is not that different from normal - just more extreme. You'll take a harder beating at first and will be even stronger later.

if Japan fails to throw the Russians out of the pacific you should ruthlessly exploit your right to Co-Operate with them. Stalin may even want to participate in the Invasion of Japan later in the war. You should also offer direct support to the Russians if they look like they need it.



Yes I admit it - France is indefensible with her initial set-up if the axis want to take her. Just make sure they pay the price in the form of time and effort. It is OK for France to fall if you keep Germany from doing anything else meanwhile. That being said do try to evacuate as many ships and planes to UK as you can - they'll be needed later if Germany goes for the CW. Remember your whole coastline can be invaded - set up land units with your fleet to prevent it being captured to easily. George's African army may just keep Algeria with its factory. If it does you'll still have an independent French production. Be sure to get additional lend-lease (Both BP and ACs) to keep a viable French force in existence. It's well worth it as it moves on French moves.

If Germany goes East and don't declare war on you - do you and CW declare war on Germany/Italy? The truth is that I don't know. The US-entry cost is fairly steep, on the other hand the draconian surprise rules may well make it worth it. Not so much for what France can do to Germany/Italy but for  what you prevent them from doing to you. I like to adopt a wait and see policy - wait and see if I get a chance to really kick Italy in the teeth.


The Commwealth.

Be cautious. I usually only set-up a garrison unit in Gibraltar and all my HQ's in UK. My thinking is that units placed on the rock will be out of supply and face down. It is possible to place HQ's and/or and Art in Singapore in an attempt to prevent the Japanese from just walking in and forcing your fleet from port (and capturing/destroying a good deal of it). Again I think that is a really bad idea, every man is needed in defense of the home isles. Set up your best ships in the safety of South Africa and be sure your fleet ports in UK are well protected. Believe me, you'll feel really stupid if the Germans succeed in capturing your ships in port during the first impulse - I know, I've tried it.

If Germany goes east you've got to decide on the best way of aiding Russia. A good bet is to attack the Italians in the Med. You are somewhat handicapped by the fact that you and the French must act together and France, threatened by Germany, may be less eager for war then you are. Try to get recourses and Build point to beleaguered Russian any way you can even though that might be very difficult with the search and seizure rules.

Did I follow my own advice? Find out - read the replay.


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