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At the risk of repating myself: World in Flames and all its components and kits, in both its electronic and printed forms, is copyright 1997, Austrlian Group.

I freely admit it - I'm something of a counter fetishist  It all began back in 1996 when it became increasingly difficult to keep track off who owned which French and captured ships. The obvious solution was to make new counters. Back then we did it by hand but with the advent of cheep image manipulation software and color printers we began using computers. Apart from being practical in avoiding confusion it was fun. We made it a tradition to rename captured ships. Below are some examples. About the Russian CV captured by the Finns - don't ask, OK?

Picture Picture


There are some really good US lend-lease destroyers for the CW to be found on Andrew Brown's WIF-page.

As you will have figured out by now there are some additional counters for this scenario. If you prefere to download them in a ZIPPED format you can do so from my Geocities page.

If your connection is fast enough for you not to care they can be found her in standard PC TIFF format. (saving you the troble of unzipping them) Some of them are fairly large so be warned.

First of all a considerable number  of counters were originally made for Drach Narch Osten by Bob Andriola but are quite useful here as well. I've been a bad boy and 'stolen' them for my scenario. They can be downloaded from my Geocities page or below but you should probably go to Bob's own page for the newest version. (And maybe drop him a line saying thank you for all his hard work.) Still, his are in GIF format so you'll have to resize them yourself. If you don't want to be bothered they can be found here. (Again let me warn you: His version is probably newer)

DNO Counters (Stolen from Bob Andriola):

(Right click and chose "save link as" or use shift + left click to transfer files)


Minors.tif Primarely the additional minor units needed for my Great Eurasian War scenario. This file include the few major counters that are needed  to play that scenario as well. I strongly recommend you play with these unites in addition to the DNO counters above (Yes - the Japanese set up with the captured Japanese TB-3.)

euw.TIF (502kb) These are some additional counters we like to use when playing the Eurasian War. Note that the version of the Marshall HQ found here replaces that found in the DNO-counters above. Otherwise use both sets. After all the more counters the better we like it.

Captured.TIF This is simply a collection of captured navel units. Probably not very useful as it is highly unlikely the same ships ends up getting captured in two games but since I have plenty of space............

rocket.TIF (320kb) Rocket counters for France, USA, CW and Germany. Thise units are for use with my optional Research & Development rules.

Benelux.tif Additional counters for Benelux. Probably excessive but what the heck - we like them.

I really want all you crazy wiffers out there to be able to play the Great Eurasian War. If anyone lacks the ability to print them out and are serious about trying it out I am willing to snail mail a color printout.

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