Played between November 1996 - July 1997

Game played between : Ulver"Stalin"Nielsen, Sĝren"FDR" Gavn, Christain"Churchill"Savioli,
Kristain"Tojo"Overgaard, Thomas"Adolf"Hovegaard
No victory conditions specified.


Surprisingly, the game begins with an offer of a non-aggression pact from Japan to Russia which is promptly accepted. Just as the historical German-Soviet pact this agreement opens the way for fascist aggression. No 'phoney wars' here. Both Germany and Japan begins with all-out offensives on vitually all fronts. Choosing to ignore US-entry and concentrate on gaining ground and inflicting losses.

In their first impulse the megalomaniac Fascists declare war on : USA (Only Japan), France, The Commonwealth, Denmark and Czechoslovakia. In Europe Germany and Italy begins the war with port strikes against French/English ports, followed by invasions on the northern coast of France and Scapa Flow. An attack on Gibraltar only succeeds when a German agent assassinate the garrison commander and takes his place (20 Intelligence points).

As most of the French army is deployed at the coast protecting the fleet the German army quickly overpowers the British expeditionary corps left to defend the French/German border alone. Czechoslovakia is knocked out by a brilliant paradrop operation against Prague. The end of the turn sees the pitiful remains of the French Army clustered around Brest, with the surviving fleet and airforce evacuated to England and the Germans advancing rapidily on Suez.

In the pacific Japan takes Pearl Harbour and Singapore in her first impulse after launching devastating port strikes against the US fleet at Manila. Almost as an afterthought she paratroops Rabul and lands in Australia.

A successful German coup in Mexico ends the first turn. (Who can blame the Mexicans?)

The seconds turn sees US enter the war against Germany while the Fascist mop-up, taking out France, Belgium, Australia, The Philippines, and Suez. However, in North America it is another story. Nimitz smash Mexico in a single impulse before Japan can send reinforcements, thereby saving the Panama canal and giving the allies their first strategic victory.



US reinforcements reach New Zealand just in time to prevent her conquest at Japanese hands. A brutal drawn out land battle follows that will eventually cost both sides more then ten corps and cause huge loses in navel and air units. Ceylon and Samoa falls and the Japanese advance even gets as far as Papeete. By the end of the year Japanese forces land in southern India

Germany attacks Portugal and Yugoslavia. While Yugoslavia still fights Russia declare war on Germany and attacks into Rumania. A Russian army is cut off in Poland and destroyed, but as Germany is unwilling to advance into Russia this year the 'front' soon solidifies with the Russian forces pulling back a few hexes into Russia.

Franco takes Barcelona and destroy remaining republican forces in Spain.

With the use of an offensive chit Commonwealth retakes Scapa Flow. The remnants of the British/French forces in the middle East are wiped out and Iraq joins the axis. French forces in Marroco holds out with minimal US aid. Churchill declares D-day and lands troops in Denmark liberating Jutland but failing to take Copenhagen as the German navy reinforce it by sea. Both sides soon gives up trying to dislodge the other and a stalemate develops.

As German forces mass along the Russian border in preparation for a summer offensive in 1941 Russia decides to strike first. A combined air-land assault takes Istanbul with heavy losses. The attack only success because the local labor union is pro-Russian (5 intelligence points). To align Bulgaria and support Turkey Germany declares war on Greece but fails to prosecute that war. Before German reinforcements can arrive the 3 Turkish corps around Istanbul are destroyed.



During the spring and early summer Russian forces are forced to redraw from the European part of Turkey only holding Istanbul itself because she has time to fortify to hex with forts arriving as reinforcements. Russia pours reinforcements into Turkey and advance on Ankara when Germany fails to launch her expected summer offensive into Russia.

An Anglo-American paradrop/Invasion of Spain is repulsed with heavy losses to the Allies. The British manages to hold on to a tiny brighead just south of Vigo.

US forces retake Honolulu and all Pacific islands east of Samoa. The battle of New Zealand finally ends in a draw with US/British forces holding Wellington and Japan in control of Auckland. Fighting in India intensifies but the Japanese advance is halted in the southern parts of the continent. Faced by increasing troop commitments elsewhere Japan begins a withdrawal.

By autumn Russian forces advance on Baghdad from Persia. This provokes the new German commander of the eastern front to attack into Russia. As Stalin has stripped the northern front to transfer forces to Turkey and the middle east the attack gains ground quickly in the excellent weather. Leningrad falls in December.

Nothing happens in Greece.



German advance in Russia halted in front of Smolensk with the arrival of massive Russian reinforcements. Iraq and Turkey conquered by Russia.

British forces land in Egypt and manage to take Cairo while Russia attacks from the north and advances as far as Amman. Naval actions in the Red sea puts British forces out of supply and subsequent German attacks cause heavy losses. Germany retain control of the Suez canal.

Massive US reinforcements arrive to support French forces in Marroco.

Russia declare war on Japan and cause heavy damage to Japanese industry with strategic bombardments (Pact? What pact?). Land troops take Peking

Japan pulls out of India. US forces liberates Australia. Major sea battle in sea of Japan. Indecisive results with grave allied air losses for the sinking of two Japanese fleet carriers. Intense Russian-American sub and raider activities causes both sides heavy losses in SUBs and merchant shipping. (The Russian Pacific Fleet actually does something useful for a change)

German counter offensive re-captures Cairo and Amman, simultaneously a surprise autumn offensive causes the Russian front in the Ukraine to weaver (offensive chit). A  frontier fort is captured but the front eventually stabilizes with only a few hexes gained.

Rumanian/Bulgarian/Hungarian offensive against Greece. Allied counter-move is to airlift Russian and British mountain troops into Greece from Turkey.

Franco retakes British beachhead in Portugal.

Russian paratroopers lands in Toyokara just North of Japan. Russia takes Cyprus and reinforce Greece by sea after Italien-Russian sea battel in the Mediterranean Sea.



US pacific fleet deploy to Port Arthur. Zhukov arrives in Manchuria to take command of Russian far east land forces. US-Russian invasion of Japan planned for early May.

Germany captures Damascus. Attack on Greece halted after arrival of heavy allied reinforcements by air and navel transport.- The goddamm Russian Mediterranean fleet must be invisible - Adolf.

Indian and South African forces liberates Ethiopia and Sudan, destroying all Italian forces south of Egypt.

In May, The Commonwealth, US, and Russia launches devastatingly effective offensives simultaneously (Chits). Zhukov smash though the Japanese lines in northern China causing the complete collapse of that front. US-Russian forces lands in Japan and US-British troops Invades southern Portugal in force.

Following the invasion of Japan a savage air-navel battle is fought in the Sea of Japan. Both sides lose more then ten capital ships and see their airforce decimated but eventually the Japanese fleet is forced to retreat with irreparable losses. In a matter of weeks Japan loses more then two years worth of production. US losses are comparable if somewhat smaller.

Allied forces liberate Portugal and sweeps into the Iberian peninsula isolating a small pocket around Gibraltar and cutting Spain in half. Anglo-American thousand-plane raids destroy Düsseldorf and Essen.

Mao's Chinese army takes Chungking and the Red Army marches into Seoul. The Russian-American operation Olympus is a resounding success and reduces Japan to holding out in Tokyo and Sapporo by the end of August.

Intense fighting in Syria with inconclusive results. German summer offensives in the Ukraine threatens to collapse the Russian front. By autumn Kiev is threatened and Russian forces redraw to the 'Tuhachevsky-line'; a series of fortifications stretching unbroken from the Black Sea to the pipet marshes. German forces pursue but make no serious attempt to attack the line itself. Russian reinforcements pour into Syria and advances into Jordan. British forces lands in Sinai. Extensive Anglo-Russian co- operation between Royal Air Force and the Red Air Fleet in the battle of Suez.

In December the world's first nuclear bombardment accompanies an American attack land attack on Tokyo. Japan surrenders unconditionally on the last day of the year. Remnants of Japanese fleet escape to join the Italian fleet in the Mediterranean.



Multiple air-navel battels in the Mediterranean results in Axis lines of supply being cut. Subsequently Axis forces in Egypt collapse under ferocious air and land attack offensive (Air+land chits in rapid succession). French-American advance from French North Africa cuts off any chance of Retreat. By May all of Africa is allied controlled.

Western allied lands in France and Italy, pocketing large German forces in Spain. Russia launches first major land offensive against axis forces in the Ukraine. Mainstein falls back into Rumania. Making use of the Greek partisans the allies unhinges the axis defenses in the balkans as the Greek army walk ashore behind German lines. Russia paratroops Bucharest knocking out Rumania the same way as the Germans took Prague in 1939. 2 million US/CW troops lands in France in the greatest inversion of all times sweeping into a undefended Paris. Russia and US invades Italy and forced an Italian surrender within weeks.

With her lines collapsing everywhere Germany sues for peace in December of 1944.


This game was very atypical as it saw the rapid collapse of the axis. A combination of really rotten luck and some brilliant allied play. (If I may say so myself). The Axis side lacked focus. It was as if they couldn't decide exactly what they wanted to achieve. There was also a noticeable lack of cooperation. Note that Germany made no serious attempt to knock out any allied major power other then France. Our group have tested EAW four times with two wins each to the Axis and Allies.

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