The Operational Art of War

Welcome to my Operational Art of War web page.

Along with Mark Stevens I've made a scenario covering all of WWII in Europe called Europe Aflame. In addition to allowing an historical game the players have a vast array of  'what-if' options to try out alternative strategies. This portion of the site also contains game reports, screenshots and very detailed players notes. The bad news is that it can only be played against a human opponent.

 I'm in the process of putting together a scenario depot for TOAW scenarios that used to have a home on The Gamers Net. Not too much there yet put I hope to be able to put together a decent library before to long.

Finally there is a message board, mainly dealing with our Europe Aflame scenario but feel free to drop by even if you feel like talking about other wargamining subjects.

Other scenario depots for TOAW game can be found at:
The TOAW scenario design workshop

Oh yes, do mail me your comments at