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Ift you have a WIF or TOAW siteand would like a link placed here. E-mail me the url and a brief description of content and I'll place a link below.

WIF Links:


John, a fellow Dane has made a Graphic Counter List sorted out by country and year of arrival. Very handy in planning ahead.

Yet another Dane, Hans, has collected various playing-aids from the net and placed them on his page. This includes spreadsheets fro calculating US-entry and Production. The site still appears under construction (don't I know the feeling) so check it out from time to time.

Every wiffer who knows anything knows Dave's Castle to be the best WiF-site on the net. Among the best parts is the brilliant Drang Nach Osten hypothetical scenario. If you like mine you'll love his. On this site you can also find World in Flames Super Delux. The ultimative collection of realism enhancing house rules.

Fred Buchholz site contains a very nice summery of charts for force pools and production planning. I use them myself as they give a nice overview.

Some really first class game reports can be found on John Bosh's World in Flames page.

There are some really good US lend-lease destroyers for the CW to be found on Andrew Brown's WIF-page.

Bob Andirola is a true master craftsman when it come to creating counters. You really should go look at them.

TOAW Links:

Talonsoft's TOAW page

The TOAW scenario design workshop







Other Links

In creating this site I was greatly inspired by Doug's Alternate History site. I may well decide to create scenarios based on some of his alternate histories some day.

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