Unlike a normal game of WiF the Eurasian War scenario is likely to see a fair amount of action in the Western Hemisphere. For this reason the scenario is well suited to play with the America in Flames® addition to World in Flames.

If using AiF I recommend the following additions to the scenario:

1. Mexican/US animosity
US units may only enter Mexico if axis units have entered Mexican hexes.
1.2 Mexican resources may only be used by Russian controlled factories.

2. Green Factories
All green factories outside Canada and the United States are considered black.
2.2 In any conquest phase were any factory is in the United Kingdom is axis controlled the Commonwealth may move her capital to Canada. Effects:
a)The Axis conquers the United Kingdom immediately. Roll normally for capture/loss of units on production chart. All black factories in the UK are considered permanently destroyed.
b)All British counters are considered Canadian and arrive in Canada until the United Kingdom is liberated. Except for MIL the Commonwealth retains her entire force pool.
c)All Green factories in Canada are considered black.

3. Additional SS
Add the SS HQ"Schörner" (1945), the SS PARA(1945) and the SS MAR(1947) to the German Set-up.
3.2 When The Axis declare the dissolution of the international order place the SS America MIL on the production spiral to arrive as reinforcement in any Axis controlled city on the America maps on the following turn.
3.3 It cost twice as much as normal to reorganize an SS unit with a non-SS HQ and vice versa.
3.4 Any land attacks conducted with the participation of both SS and minor country units suffer a –1 modification