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Added version 1.8 of Europe Aflame Scenario

What's in here?

Well take a look at the navigation bar on the upper left side of your screen - that pretty much says it. Right now my homepage is entirely dedicated to two great games. One is World in Flames - ADG's great boardgame covering the period from 1936-46. The primary content here is a completely ahistorical scenario called the Eurasian War based on a very different political situation in the 1930's. The scenario is quite detailed and include players notes and a replay. By contrast my Pacific War scenario is fairly small, well suited for two or three players. It deals with a somewhat different version of the (surprise) war in the Pacific. Pitting the European colonial powers against Japan with the US as a neutral bystander.

Prefer playing your historical games on computer?

Well, in that case there is a first rate wargame from Talonsoft called the Operational Art of War you'll love. Along with Mark Stevens I've made a scenario covering all of WWII in Europe. In addition to allowing an historical game the players have a vast array of  'what-if' options to try out alternative strategies.

Finally I'm in the process of putting together a scenario depot for TOAW scenarios that used to have a home on The Gamers Net. Not too much there yet put I hope to be able to put together a decent library before to long.



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