Scenario Information

Japan has just completed the bloody conquest of China, shocking the US. Is it time for her to challenge the might of US and the Commonwealth? In Europe Russia has attacked Poland as part of a secret deal with France and Czechoslovakia. Will Germany aid her newfound allied?

First Turn: Sep/Oct 1939

No. of turns : 42 (Last turn Jul/Aug 1946)

Maps Used: All

Initiative: Axis +2 box, Axis starts with initiative. The axis has chosen to take the first impulse.

Last weather modifier: Nil. The die roll for the first impulse of the game is '4' No additional weather rolls on the first game turn. (The weather will remain fine throughout Sep/Oct 39).

War Status:
Russia is at war with Poland.
Germany, Italy, Argentina and the Spanish Nationalist are at war with the Spanish Republic. All other countries are neutral. However, France and USSR may freely send units into Spain in support of the Republic. Once arrived those units are considered at war with axis units in Spain.
There are no neutrality Pacts in effect.

Entry Chits : The US has 6 Entry Chits (3 '3' and 3 '2' chits). Place them in ether, or both, entry pools

Actions: The US has picked option 15 'Freeze Japanese assets,' option 35 ' Start strategic bomber production,' and option 31'Relocate fleet to Pearl Harbor'. Japan may occupy The Marshalls during her set-up. Check for US-entry normally

Reserves: Japan has called out the 'Imp. Gd' Mar corps. It must be demobilized if Japan remains neutral by the end of 1939. Poland has called out her reserves.

Japan has conquered China.
Russia has conquered Manchuria, Persia and Poland east of the partition line.
Italy has conquered Albania and Ethiopia except Addis Ababa and adjacent hexes.
The Spanish Republic control all hexes in Spain within 3 hexes of the Spanish-French border. All other hexes in Spain are controlled by the Spanish Nationalist. (Italy)
All Spanish colonies are controlled by the Spanish Nationalist
Austria is part of the German home nation. Note Czechoslovakia is neutral (well sort of anyway)

Aligned Minors:
USSR has aligned the Spanish Republic and Mexico
Italy has aligned the Spanish Nationalist
Germany has aligned Argentina and Poland
Japan has aligned Siam

Intelligence points : Germany (20), Japan (20), Italy(5), Commonwealth(5), USSR(6)

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