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The Great Eurasian War

A Nonhistorical Campaign Game  for World in Flames


This page is dedicated to a completely ahistorical World in Flames scenario were  I've tried to create a situation with lots of strategic choices and an interesting starting situation that gets everyone into the action right from turn one. 

In making this scenario I carefully considered such factors as realism, historical credibility and believability - then proceeded to ignore them entirely.

I did, however, put a great deal of effort into such things as playability, balance, and the enjoyment factor. This campaign game has been playtested extensively. Crazy as it is it compared to a normal game it actually works.

Even so I must confess that the nit pickers who actually want things to make sense did persuaded me to make some changes. None of those were very significant in terms of play balance but they should increase believability without altering the basic situation. I did attempt a major rewrite in order to improve the scenario's historical credibility.  But by now I have pretty much decided my whole strategy on this point have been mistaken. In order to make this scenario truly plausible I would have to rewrite it so extensively so as to totally destroy the basic idea behind it.

Thus  what you see on these pages is the final version of the Eurasian War except for correcting the no doubt countless mistakes I've made. Thanks to everyone who've mailed me about inconsistencies and ambiguities. I appreciate you taking the time.

The Basic premise is that a more muscled reaction to the Abyssinian crises emboldened the Western Allies to a point were Hitler was faced with a solid wall of enemies when he demanded parts of Czechoslovakia. Combined with a very successful Russian expansionism this lead to a German-Polish-Hungarian entente. In my version of history World War II begins with a Russian attack on Poland in September of 1939. This is a great oversimplification as things happens in the far East and Latin America as well. For the full details go read my Historical Background.

Now, before I go any further I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Counters found on this page are made with the permission of Australian Deign Group and ADG retain full copyright over any and all WiF components found here. (Since this is a WiF page that pretty much include anything on this home page) ADG has graciously lincenced me the right to post this material for a fee of 0% royalty with the understanding that this is a strictly noncommercial site. Don't you even think about making commercial use of anything here.  

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