Special Rules

Please remember that these rules are scenario specific. Some of them might appear weird at fist glance. The surprise benefits given to the aggressor in particular will properly seem overly generous to many. Please believe me when I tell you that they are not some whimsical idea of mine: The whole concept behind EAW is to start off with a bang and the axis need to conquer a lot of territory in the first years: This stuff is an integral part of  the game. Mind you, I'd never play with most of this in a normal campaign. For more general house rules I strongly recommend you check out World in Flames Deluxe. The rules to be found there are always worth playing with.

1     Co-Operation
  When not neutral USA may Co-Operate with all allied major powers and minor countries. (exception: the US can never Co-Operate with Mexico unless she has liberated her)
1.2  Commonwealth and France may Co-Operate even while neutral.
1.3   Italy and Germany may Co-Operate even while neutral.
1.4  All major powers on a side may Co-Operate if they are at war with all major powers on the opposing side.
1.5 Spanish Nationalist may Co-Operate with Germany, Italy and Argentina.
1.6 The Spanish Republic may Co-Operate with Russia, France and Mexico
1.7 Scandinavian minor counties can Co-Operate if on the same side.
1.8 After they have declared 'the dissolution of the international order' Brazil and Argentina may Co-Operate with etch other as well as  Germany, Italy and Peru. Any South American axis minor may Co-Operate with any axis power who have sendt military aid. (As defined under US-Entry)
1.9 The Baltic States can Co-Operate with etch other. They can never Co-Operate with the USSR..

2  Neutral Intelligence/Conv point moves
Neutral major powers may buy intelligence operations at doublet cost. They do not get any free operations.
2.2  Neutral powers may move any number of Conv points on a navel move.

3 Declarations of War
A Declaration of war on Rumania, Turkey, or Germany by Russia constitutes a declaration of war on all. Only US entry for declaration of war on Germany apply.
3.2 A Declaration of war on or by France or Commonwealth constitutes a declaration of war on or by both. Only US-entry for decleration of war on or by Commonwealth apply.
3.3   A Declaration of War on or by Italy or Germany constitutes a declaration on or by both. Only US entry for declaration of war on or by Germany apply. (Note new US entry effect for CW/FR DoW vs GE/IT)
3.4 A Declaration of war on Belgium or the Netherlands is a declaration on both. Both US entry effects apply
3.5 The Baltic States are considered one country for purposes of DoW (this includes US-entry effect)

4 Chinese Government-in-exile
Chinese nationalist reinforcements appear in India. If India is conquered they are removed from play.
4.2 If Russia is at war with Japan Chinese Communist reinforcements may appear in Russian controlled cities in China. They may appear in cities occupied by Chinese partisans. If neither of these apply they may apper in Russian controlled cities in Manchuria or in the USSR.
4.3 Chinese Communist unites are always in supply in china.
4.4 No Chinese units may ever leave the Asia/Pacific maps.

5 Conquest/Control and Peace
A Vichy Government can not be installed.
5.2 The Spanish Nationalist/Republic are conquered when all cities in mainland Spain are enemy controlled. All Spanish colonies become controlled by the victorious Spaniards unless occupied by opposing forces.
5.3 French units on map automatically stay even when France suffer partial conquest..
5.4 When a minor country is conquered it's on-map units remain in play and form a government-in exile if they can trace a line of supply to their aligning major power. The goverment-in-exile also retains half it's force pool by type and any later force pool additions. Units arrive as reinforcments in their controlling major power.
5.5 Aircraft and non-INF type land units on the production circle/in the reserve pool are treated as navel units on the production circle for purposes of conqust.
5.7 Russia and Japan can only come to peace though mutual agreement.

6    Additional Effects of Surprise
All navel and AA units of a surprised country have a AA factor of 0
6.2 Port attacks against a surprised country is made at the end of the navel phase.
6.3 Strategic Bombardment factors are doublet against a surprised country.
6.4 All land attacks against a surprised country receive a + 1 modification to the die roll
6.5 Field Artillery and shore bombardment factors are doubled against a surprised country after normal modifications.
6.6 Infantry cops may invade from TRS aganist surprised hexes.
Navel units at sea are only gets 0 surprise points in the first combat round
6.8 Navel units being overrun suffer a -1 modification to the die roll for capture/destruction
6.9 Tactical factors conducting ground strikes are doubled. (Instead of, not in addition to, giving two die rolls)

7    Overrunning of navel units
Navel units being overrun in a surprise impulse suffer a  -1 modification to the die roll for capture/loss
7.2 Face down navel units suffer a -1 modification
7.3 Navel units damaged in the port in the same impulse as the overrun occur suffer a -2 modification
7.4 Ships 'bottomed out (option 18)' in the port  in the same impulse suffer a -5 modification
7.5 All modifiers are cumulative


8 Special Mobilization
Place the following on production chart to arrive as reinforcements in the turn following war between Russia and Germany
Germany : A-HQ "Manstein". All SS Units up to and including 1942
USSR      : A-HQ "Tuhachevsky". All Milits (inc. worker units).
8.2 The cost of Russian land units is reduced by 1 Build Point if German land units are in Russian home nation hexes on the Asia map. It is reduced by an additional Build Point if Russian factories on the Asia map is controlled by a hostile power other then Japan.

9  Partisans (A rip off from World in Flames Super Deluxe )
At the start of the partisan step, roll two dice and locate the result on the partisan table. If a country is eligible twice, double that country's partisan number, adding a maximum of +10 to the printed partisan number (i.e., if USSR is rolled twice, its partisan number become 40 (not 60) instead of 30).
9.1 Spanish partisans are Republican and controlled by Russia. Spanish Republican reinforcements can appear in cites occupied by Spanish Partisans.
9.2 Russia controls  Chinese Communist partisans. Chinese communist. reinforcements can appear in cites occupied by Chinese partisans.


If you are playing with America in Flames there are a few additional rules we recommend. If not,  you're now ready to have a look at the Set-up.
Unless you'd like to se our optional rule for weapons research first.

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