Except as outlined below normal US-Entry rules apply.


CW units may enter NEI if they may enter The Netherlands. Option 51 "CW reinforces NEI" does not exist

US embargo of Netherlands oil sales to Japan only have effect while Singapore is allied controlled.

USA may not decleare war on any major power in 1939.

The US does not draw extra chits for Japanese conquest of China.

The US Entry effect for DoW vs Czechoslovakia is as for DoW Vs Poland


New US Entry Options:

22a: Military aid to Chile (5) - Place US build Chilean INF corps on production spiral as if build this turn.

22b: US expand 'security zone' around Panama Channel (5) - Central America becomes aligned with the US.

26 US may declare war on American minor (15


40: Roosevelt sends advisors to Venezuela (5)  Venezuela become aligned to US

41a: No overseas Build Points to Germany (7)  (Ge/It)

66: Full War Production (20)
US multiple to 1.25 and -2 to all US attempts to declare war

?? : US enforces Roosevelt doctrine  (35) May only be chosen if the axis have declared dissolution of International Order - The US is now at war with all Axis units on the America map. This count as being at war with one axis major power for production multiple purposes. US units outside the America map are considered neutral for all purposes unless the US is otherwise at war. Central America is now aligned with the US. Any trade agreements with Japan are void.


New US entry Actions:

Axis military aid to South American Fascists (5) - Roll every time an Axis power build a special Latin American unit (new Argentine/Brazilian units designated with a nazi flag in upper left corner) representing massive military aid. This require a Conv-line from from the axis power building the unit in the relevant production phase. Nationalist Spain will do for Italy/Germany.
Alternatively the unit can be build 'at home' to arrive as reinforcement in the relevant Axis power home nation. Until the unit is delivered to it's recipient minor country it has a combat factor of 1. Once inside it's recipient minor placed it on the production spiral to arrive as reinforcement next turn.

Axis reinforces South America (10) (Any Axis land or air unit enters any Latin American Hex)

Axis capture Panama Canal (20) (capturing power)

Germany and Italy declares war on FR/Commonwealth (20) (Ge/It)

Axis capture Moscow (10) (Ge/It)

Russia aligens minor (-15) (Ge/It)

France and Commonwealth declare war on Germany and Italy (-25) (Ge/It)

Brazil and Argentina declare: 'The dissolution of the International Order' (25)

The dissolution of the International Order can be declared when either (a) An Axis land units is in the United Kingdom or (b) Gibraltar is controlled by the axis or (c) The Axis have given military aid to Latin American Fascists or (d) There is a German corps in Latin America. If the declaration has not been made before the US is at total war it may never be made, in that case Argentina reverts to neutrality and the 'America Legion' is removed from German force pool..


Effects of declaring 'The dissolution of the International Order':

Brazil becomes aligned to Italy.

GE/Italy must immediately declare war on CW/France and Chile..

All South American Minors begin calling up their reserves.

On the following turn Peru aligns with the Axis and Ecuador aligns with the USA. Unless 'Roosevelt Doctrine Enforced' has been chosen by the US Uruguay become part of Argentina (The Uruguay unit become Argentinean ) and Paraguay and Columbia become part of Brazil (same procedure). If 'Roosevelt Doctrine' has been chosen these minors align with the US.


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