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Europe Aflame
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Fall of France
The Great Pacific War

This alternate history scenario based on Dough Hoff´s "The German Military Regime of the Thirties" deals with the Great Pacific War portion of that timeline. The scenario see Japan pitted against China and the European colonial powers of The Netherlands, France and the British Empire with the US as a neutral onlooker. Italy has the potential to enter the conflict if the allies completely strip the Mediterranean Theater of forces.

I should probably confess up front that this scenario lack the extensive playtesting of the Eurasian War. I am in the process of playing it for the very first time as I'm writing this. If my prior experience is any guide this first  game may give rise to a considerable number of corrections.

In any case I will most certainly present an upgraded version that takes into account the concurrent German-Russian war being fought in Europe as described in Doug's alternative history that inspired this scenario.


Special Rules


Chinese Communists

Chinese communist are controlled by China, their moves count against China's action limits.  They can still not cooperate with Nationalist Chinese units.


Declarations of War

Russia, USA, and Germany are neutral.  Neither side may declare war on, or violate the territory of, those countries.

Resources cannot be traced though hexes belonging to these major powers.

A declaration of War on or by Commonwealth/France is automatically a declaration on or by both.

The Allies may not declare war on Italy unless she is currently at war with a minor country

Italy may only declare war on the Allies if she has

    a)more land combat factors in Italy/Libya then the Allies have in France/Egypt or

    b)more navel surface combat factors in the Mediterranean sea (or ports adjacent to it) then the Allies.


Trade Agreements.

Russia provides Japan with 2 resources per turn.  These must be moved on Japanese convoy points.

Iraq provide one resources to each of France and the Commonwealth pr turn

Venezuela provides one resource to the Commonwealth pr turn

Yugoslavia provides one resource to France pr turn

USA provides Japan with 5 resources (Including 2 oil) in exchange for 1 build point.  This may change as a result of US options.



1. The US can never enter the War.  The only US Units on map are whatever Convoy points are required to honor her requirements for her trade agreement with Japan

2. US production is 5 Build point pr turn and she may not save build point nor build units for herself.  The good news is that she is not restricted by gearing limits.

3. US Entry is used solely for the purpose of choosing US-Entry options.. All US entry chits are placed in the Pacific Entry Pool and counts double value (instead of x 1.5). The tension pool is not used in this game.  Whenever US entry options are chosen simply remove chits the Pacific Entry Pool instead of moving them from entry pool to tension pool or vice versa.  The US does not automatically draws chits every turn, nor does she drew additional chits after 1942 or after Japan have declared war on France/Commonwealth.  The US only draws chits as the result of US entry actions.  The effect of all US-Entry actions are double on the Pacific map and triplet on European map.  Note that that chits drawn as the result of Italian actions are placed in the Japan Entry Pool.

4. Only the following US Entry Options can be chosen:

1. Chinese build aircraft (already chosen at the start of play)

11. Resources to China (Not on US convoy points)

12. US sells licenses to produce aircraft

15. Freeze Japanese Assets

18 Resources to allies .

22 Lend-Lease to China

25 Embargo on Strategic materials

27 Re-open Burma Road (Irrelevant.as Japan may not close the road by political pressure)

30 Repair western allied ships

31 Close Panama Channel

33 Lend-Lease to allies

41 Oil Embargo



France, The Netherlands, and The Commonwealth can freely co-operate.

Otherwise Normal Co-Operation rules apply


France Force Pool.

All German Navel units, Sub's and Carrier Planes with an entry year of 1941 or later are added to the French force pool.


Less Experience with navel aviation.

Until 1943 all navel-air combat is decreased one column and it only cost 3 surprise point to chose surface combat.



Increase the Japanese production multiplier by 0.25 from 1942 onwards.



First Turn: Nov/Dec 1941

No. of turns: 30 (Last turn Nov/Dec 1946)

Maps Used: All
Initiative: Axis +2 box.  Axis starts with initiative.  The axis has chosen to take the first impulse.
Last weather modifier: Nil.  The die roll for the first impulse of the game is 4 (clear in the pacific)

War Status:
Japan is at War with China
All other countries are neutral.  However in the first turn Japan must declare War on France, The Commonwealth, and the Netherlands.  This is considered one action for purposes of US-Entry.

Entry Chits: None

Japan and China have called out their reserves.  Only Australian, Indian and South African reserves are called out when the Allies goes to war with Japan.  Remaining reserves can be called when, or rather if, the allies goes to war with Italy.  Canadian reserves are called out if Japanese units enter any America map.

Japan has conquered China East of the 1941 partition line.
Italy has conquered Albania.  Note that Ethiopia is neutral.

Japan has aligned Siam.  Dutch units may rail move though Belgium.


Set Up (in order)



Scrap pool - All 3 factor Fighters

Place on Production chart
Construction Pool
- BB "Lepanto, Impero" CA"Venezia" CV"Falco" SUB, Amph
Jan/Feb - Motorised INF, Pilot, FRT "re3001" (Nightfighter)

Place on map
In Italian controlled hexes -
2 Territorials, 4 INF, ARM, Motorized, Mechanized, MAR, MTN, PARA, HQ-A "Graziani", HQ "Balbo", 5 Pilots, 4 FTR, 2 Carrier planes, 2 NAV, ATR, 3 LND, Mar Div, INF Div, CAV Div, AT " I3", 2 ART "2-2,4-2", AA "2-2,2 GAR, synth Oil, CV"Aquila" BB "Caio Duilio, Guilio Cesare, Andre Doria, Roma, Vittoria Vento, Littorio" CA "Abruzzi, Bolzano, Triste, Garibaldi, Trento, Zaro, Pola, Pisa, 2 TRS, Amph. 2 SUB, synth Oil, 7 Convey points

Offensive Chits - That is something Italians can only dream of!



Place on Production chart
Jan/Feb -
MTN (Communist)

Place on map
In China -
Nationalist forces: 5 INF, 4 MIL, 3 Gar, 2 Cav, HQ "Chiang", 1 Pilot, FTR, LND, ART "2-2", AA"2-3" Cav Div, Inf Div.  Communist Forces: INF, MIL, Gar, INF Div, HQ "Mao"

Offensive chits - You must be kidding!



Place on Production chart:
Construction Pool -
BB "Gascoinge", Amph
Jan/Feb - Pilot, Cost 4 LND
Mar/Apr - HQ-A "De Gaulle"

Place on Map
In French Indo-China -
BB "Clemenceau, Jean Bart (I1), CV "Painlev6" , CA "Maroc, Forch, Primaguet, Tourvill", SUB, TRS, PARA, MAR, HQ"Georges" Territorial,
In Madagascar - INF
In France - MTN, 3 INF, 2 Motorized INF, ARM, MECH, HQ"Billotte", AA"3-2", Art "5-2, 3-2", AT " 1-3"
In French Controlled hexes (at least half of on-map aircraft must deploy in mainland France) - 6 Pilots, 6 FTR, ATR, NAV, 3 LND, 3 Carrier Planes, CV "Joffre, Bearn" BB "Richelieu, Bretange, Dunkerque, Jean Bart, Lorraine, Provence, Strasbourg, Courbet, Paris" CA "Algerie, Colbert, Duqesne, Lamotte-Pilqret, Duguay-Trouin,. 2 TRS, 2 SUB, 10 Convoy points.

Offensive chits - Dream on baby!



Place on Production chart
Repair pool -
CV "Eagle, Argus, Hermes", Amph
Construction pool - CV "Audacious(1942)", 2 SUB, Amph, BB's "Duke of York, Howell Nov/Dec - TRS "Qn.  Mary/Eliz", Pilot, Cost 4 LND, HQ-A"Montgomery"

Place on map
In Singapore/Malaysia
- CV "Indefatigable, Implacable, Illustrious" BB "Thunderer, Conqueror, Prince of Wales, Rodny, Iron Duke, 8 CA (random), supply point, HQ "Alexander" Indian Gar, AA"3-4"
In Australia - Australian TRS, 3 Australian CA "Australia, Canberra, Shropshire", Australian SUB, BB "Malaya, Resolution", CV "Victorious, Indomitable", Australian MECH, Australian Motorized, Australian FIR (inc pilot), Territorial
In india - 2 Indian Motorized, Territorial, Indian INF, HQ"Gort", Indian FRT (inc pilot)
in New Zealand - NZ Motorized
in Egypt - ARM, 2 INF
in Hong Kong - Garrision
in UK - Art "4-4", HQ-A"Wavell", INF, ENG Div, NMCH, CAV.
In any CW controlled hex (half of on map non-carrier plane AC must set up in UK) - 16 pilots, 13 carrier planes, 6 FTR, 6 LND, 5 NAV, ATR, MAR, 2 Garrison, INF Div, 10 CA (random), CV "Ark Royal, Glorious, Furious, Courageous,
Formidable," BB "Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Barham, Ramilies, Revenge, Valiant, Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign, Renown, Hood, Repulse, Nelson, Lion, Anson, King George V", 2 SUB, 80 Convoy points, 4 TRS, Amph.

Offensive chits - Don't you wish?



Place on Production chart
Repair Pool -
CV "Chitose, Shoho, Zuiho"
Construction Pool - CV "Taiho" BB "Karyu, Suma"
Nov/Dec - INF, TRS, Pilot
Jan/Feb - Pilot

Place on map
In any Japanese controlled port or at sea -
CV"Akagi, Kaga, Ryujo, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Hiyo, Junyo, Ryuho, Shinyo, Hosho" BB "Yamato, Musashi, Shinano, Mutsu, Nagato, Ise, Hyuga, Yamashiro, Kirishima, Haruna, Fuso, Kongo, Hiei" 20 CA (random), 4 TRS, 2 Amph, 3 SUB, Mini Sub, 22 Pilots, 25 Convey Points, 20 Carrier planes, 6 FRT, 5 LND, 5 NAV, ATR, 2 MAR, Mar Div, PARA, HQ "Yamamoto, Yamashita, Terauchi, Umezu" ARM, 6 MIL, CAV, 5 Garrison, MTN, 8 INF, 3 Motorized, INF Div, ENG Div, Ait "4-2,3-2" AA"2-2", MECH, 3 territorial, Siamese INF

Offensive hits - 2 (So that's where they all went!)


Oh yes, do mail me your comments at ulver@ulver.dk