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I was deeply sorry to se the gamer's net closing down. This page is really an attempt to perform damage limitation. I'm exploring possibility of creating a scenario library in an attempt to keep some of my favourite TOAW scenarios online.

Unfortunely I didn't have many of them on my hard disk. If anyone seeing this downloaded scenarios from TGN before it closed down I would appreciate you mailing them to me. Also if you happen to have the e-mail addresses of designers I'd like those to, as I want to ask their permission to post their work publicly.

Other scenario depots for TOAW game can be found at:
The TOAW scenario design workshop

- And it seems the entire TNG scenario depot is back up at


Scenarios for Wargame of the Year Edition 

Europe Aflame by Ulver Nielsen and Mark Stevens
Has its own webpage.

World War One by E.B
A simulation of the Great War. Surprisingly a lot of fun.

World War Two by E.B
World war two in Europe. Against a human player I find our own scenario superior by this one can be played against the PO. Have some interesting ideas with the players choosing pre-war political options.


Scenarios for The Operational Art of War II - Modern Battles:

39-45 by Patrick Feyret.
The first – and some say still the best - of all WWII strategic simulation playable against the computer. The downside is that it uses the modern database.

Ukraine 2004 by ?????
A resurgent Russia invades the Ukraine in the face of European Union Intervention.

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